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Glucosamine Tablet

Glucosamine tablets
Glucosamine tablets are commonly used to threat arthritis, since glucosamine is necessary for the formation, maintenance and repair of cartilage. Cartilage is situated in between bones that are linked to each other and prevents the bones from wear and tear.

Glucosamine injections is usually considered the most efficient way of administering glucosamine to aching joints, but this can only be done by trained medical professionals. The glucosamine tablet offers a convenient alternative to injections and can be administered everywhere; in your home, at a restaurant, or when travelling abroad.

In order for the glucosamine to work it needs to be absorbed into the human body and since glucosamine tablets contains a lot of fillers and stabilizers it is usually not as concentrated as glucosamine liquid. It is therefore important to chose a glucosamine tablet that comes with as few additives as possible, and do not forget to check the sodium content. Since sodium stabilizes glucosamine sulfate, some glucosamine tablet manufacturers fill their tablets with up to 30% sodium. Paying for what is essentially 1/3 table salt is naturally unnecessary and a product that adds large amounts of extra sodium to our diet is certainly not desirable.

One of several positive aspects of the glucosamine tablet compared to glucosamine powder is that there is no problem with dosage. Tablets are also easy to bring with you everywhere you go. Liquids might leak and powders can spread all over the place, but glucosamine tablets just stay as they are. So even though glucosamine tablets might be less concentrated than the alternatives, there are still many situations when they are preferable.

Make sure that the producer of the glucosamine tablet has a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate or any other form a certification from a reputable agency. This way, you will decrease the risk of ending up with suboptimal products. Also let a doctor decide the dosage to avoid overdosing the glucosamine tablets. Taking too much is seldom dangerous, but it can increase the risk of undesirable side effects.

What is glucosamine?
Glucosamine Dosage |  Glucosamine HCl |  Glucosamine And Vegetarians

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