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Glucosamine Sulfate Side Effects

Glucosamine sulfate side effects

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: sodium
One of the most notable of glucosamine sulfate side effects is how it can increase your daily sodium intake drastically. Many of us already eat too much sodium, and adding even more sodium is therefore not a good idea. To avoid this glucosamine side effect, simply cut back on some of the salty food that you normally eat to compensate for the sodium found in glucosamine sulfate.

Glucosamine sulfate supplements contain high amounts of sodium since sodium is used to stabilize glucosamine sulfate. Some supplements actually consist of 30% sodium and checking the sodium level before you purchase glucosamine supplements is naturally a good idea. Why avoid sodium? Avoiding sodium altogether is certainly not a good idea, because your nerve cells need sodium to function and without any sodium, your central nervous system would shut down. In the human body, positive sodium ions are used by nerve cells for depolarization. When we get too much sodium, it can however have an adverse effect on our health because sodium-rich diets have been linked to high blood pressures. Consuming supplements high in sodium is therefore especially problematic if you already have a high blood pressure, or are in the risk zone of developing one. Check the sodium level in your supplement and make sure that you compensate by eating less salty food. You can also obtain other forms of glucosamine supplements, such as glucosamine hydrochloride which have a much lower sodium content.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: allergic reactions
A majority of the available glucosamine supplements are derived from shellfish. This can cause problems for those allergic to shellfish, since really sensitive individuals can suffer from allergic reactions when exposed to shellfish even if the amount of shellfish is truly miniscule. Over 6 million persons are suffering from shellfish allergies in the United States alone. Most of them only react when exposed to a protein found in the flesh of shellfish, but some will react to shellfish gelatin made from skin and bones. Based on this knowledge, doctors advise those allergic to shellfish to avoid using supplements derived from shellfish. There is however a way for allergic persons to stay clear of glucosamine sulfate side effects. Instead of purchasing glucosamine supplements made from shellfish, you can get glucosamine supplements made from corn. They are often marketed “vegetarian glucosamine” or “vegan glucosamine”.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: possible insulin resistance
Animal research has shown that glucosamine supplements may have an adverse effect on insulin resistance, which in turn is linked to the development of diabetes. No studies on humans have confirmed that this is true for humans too, but if you have diabetes or know that you are in the risk zone of developing diabetes, you should always discuss glucosamine supplements with your doctor before you start using them. It can be a good idea to monitor your blood sugar to stay clear of these potential glucosamine sulfate side effects.

Glucosamine sulfate side effects: gastrointestinal
Two less severe glucosamine side effects are softened stools and increased intestinal gas.

What is glucosamine?
Glucosamine Dosage |  Glucosamine HCl |  Glucosamine And Vegetarians

Side effects of glucosamine sulfate

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