cat glucosamine supplement
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Cat Glucosamine

Cat Glucosamine
Humans are not the only ones who can develop worn, aching and inflamed joints as they age; many of our pets do his as well. In the wild, it is uncommon for animals to reach old age, but in the comfort of our modern homes, cats and dogs can grow really old, at least compared to their wild relatives. This is why cat glucosamine is commonly found in today’s pet stores. Cat glucosamine is believed to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and restore mobility in cats suffering from joint problems.

A lot of people with arthritis report that daily use of glucosamine supplements are highly beneficial to their condition. This is why glucosamine supplements are believed to be beneficial for cats with joint problems too. Even though humans and cats are very different, we share a lot of similarities on a biochemical level. Numerous cat owners world-wide testify of how their cats seem much less striff and achy when cat glucosamine is added to the diet.

You should be aware that some vets do not prescribe cat glucosamine to cats with joint pain, because only a few studies have yet put cat glucosamine and its alleged health benefits to test and the obtained results has been conflicting rather than enlightening. Cat glucosamine is therefore not considered a medical product and is only allowed to be marketed as a nutritional supplement. In most countries, there is a strong legal difference between nutritional supplements and medical drugs as far as regulations and governmental control goes. Strength, purity and quality is allowed to fluctuate dramatically in nutritional supplements, and this means that it is really important to find a reputable glucosamine producer to purchase your cat glucosamine from.

As mentioned above, the scientific glucosamine studies that have been carried out have come up with conflicting results. The only way to find out if cat glucosamine will be beneficial for your particular cat is therefore to start giving your cat glucosamine supplements during a few weeks and check for signs of improvement. As far as anyone knows (based on scientific studies and reports from cat owners) cat glucosamine supplements are perfectly safe for cats and will not injure them. Stay within the recommended daily doses and keep in mind that a small cat needs less cat glucosamine than a large cat.

 cat glucosamine supplement
 cat glucosamine supplement  cat glucosamine supplement  cat glucosamine supplement

What is glucosamine?
Glucosamine Dosage |  Glucosamine HCl |  Glucosamine And Vegetarians

Glucosamine for cats

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